Different Perspective of Line Regression

1. Line regression 1.1 Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) Perspective 1.1.1 Model Representation: The linear regression model is represented as: \hat{Y} = X

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15.7. Word Similarity and Analogy

github: https://github.com/pandalabme/d2l/tree/main/exercises 1. Test the fastText results using TokenEmbedding(‘wiki.en’). import os import torch fro

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15.5. Word Embedding with Global Vectors (GloVe)

github: https://github.com/pandalabme/d2l/tree/main/exercises 1. If words w_i and w_j co-

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15.6. Subword Embedding

github: https://github.com/pandalabme/d2l/tree/main/exercises 1. As an example, there are about 3\times 10^8 possible 6-grams in English. What is the

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15.4. Pretraining word2vec

github: https://github.com/pandalabme/d2l/tree/main/exercises 1. Using the trained model, find semantically similar words for other input words. Can y

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15.3. The Dataset for Pretraining Word Embeddings

github: https://github.com/pandalabme/d2l/tree/main/exercises 1. How does the running time of code in this section changes if not using subsampling? i

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15.2. Approximate Training

github: https://github.com/pandalabme/d2l/tree/main/exercises 1. How can we sample noise words in negative sampling? Negative sampling is a technique

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15.1. Word Embedding (word2vec)

github: https://github.com/pandalabme/d2l/tree/main/exercises 1. What is the computational complexity for calculating each gradient? What could be the

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11.9. Large-Scale Pretraining with Transformers

github: https://github.com/pandalabme/d2l/tree/main/exercises 1. Is it possible to fine-tune T5 using a minibatch consisting of different tasks? Why o

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11.8. Transformers for Vision

github: https://github.com/pandalabme/d2l/tree/main/exercises 1. How does the value of img_size affect training time? The value of img_size affects th

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11.7. The Transformer Architecture

github: https://github.com/pandalabme/d2l/tree/main/exercises 1. Train a deeper Transformer in the experiments. How does it affect the training speed

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